Friday, 9 September 2016

Page 2 Update

Hello Everyone,

I have really been enjoying stitching this page completely cross country. It is hard to say how much of the page is finished but I am plugging along.

One of the other update is a big thank you to Lucy at Crafting Across Continents who had a giveaway for her four year anniversary and drew my name. The prize is a beautiful Dimensions chart that I am very excited to stitch, the sea in the background really draws the eye, especially with all the little boats.

I also received two pieces framed by a local shop  as a gift from my parents and they look fantastic. The Salmon I finished a couple of months ago and is now hanging in my hallway. The Dolphins I finished a little less than a year ago and are a gift to my sister.

I will see everyone with an update. I hope to be half way done the Dryad page at that point.



  1. Nice progress on your huge piece. And the Dimension chart that you received is just gorgeous. Such a wonderful scenery - it will be fun to stitch it.

  2. Dryad is showing lots of awesome progress! Congrats on winning the kit, it's really beautiful, very picturesque. And your framed pieces look great! Love how they turned out. :)

  3. Cross country :D almost self-explanatory. Looks amazing