Thursday, 18 May 2017

May Gifted Gorgeousness

Hello Everyone,

I hope that spring is transitioning well for you and that the frost hasn't killed anyone's plants. It has been fairly nice here although there has been snow just south of us, so not everyone is out of the cold yet. I have really been enjoying seeing everyone's gardening getting started. Some people already have flowers blooming!

For Gifted Gorgeousness I finished up one of my projects and made some progress on the other. The Kingfisher piece is finally completed and here is a picture of the piece. I have not framed it yet but will be finishing it in the next week. This is a present to my parents and is a long and thin design, perfect for a bit of odd/extra fabric. I made some changes to the backstitching of the bird but the rest was kept as charted. I am very happy with the way Sue Coleman designs are very realistic and also have the Haida design incorporated.

"Kingfisher" by the Stitching Studio
Original art by Sue Coleman
32 count antique white linen (over 2)
7.0'' x 18.7''
Started: June 2016
Finished: May 2017

The other piece that I worked on is my Coastal View that will be for my sister. This piece is coming together well and I have finished half the walk way and am almost done the bushes. Next will be the big archway that will take me a couple of months to finish.

The image does not properly show that the dark bits in the corner are just cobblestones in the shade. It took me awhile to realize, while I was stitching, what I was actually looking at. This piece has so much perspective through the shading and size difference and the full effect isn't realized until I take a step back and look. The colours and design are very bright and cheerful, perfect for spring.

Have a great week everyone!




  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month and completing your kingfisher too!
    Nice progress on the other gift. It does help to take a photo and look at the project afresh!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I find taking the pictures really brings perspective to the Coastal view.

  2. Such an amazing finish.what's Haida design ?
    Coastal view is also coming along nicely.

    1. Thank you! Haida is a Native American tribe in Western Canada and is known for the stylized animals and people. Sue Coleman has many designs with the realistic animal and the Haida equivalent somewhere else in the design.

  3. Beautiful finish! I am sure your parents will love it.