Sunday, 29 May 2016

Quick update

Hello Everyone,

I have just a quick update on the salmon piece. I managed to fill in some more of the red and the under belly of the fish. You can see one of the figures is almost complete (need to fill in some black although it is hard to see here) and another is starting to get a shape. I have about 600 more stitches on this page and then it is just the head left. I have already done some of the last page just to finish off the triangular-like shape. I think I will focus on getting the two fins done (one is almost complete and one is higher up) and fill in a good chunk of the black. This is still coming along nicely and I love the reds with the black background and all the Haida shapes that have been hidden in the body of the salmon.



See everyone next week,



  1. Wow, you've made a lot of progress on this! Those colors are just stunning on that black background.

  2. It is coming along so nicely! Did you say that the shapes were trout, raven and man? It'll be interesting to try to see which is which. Have a great week :)