Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Sockeye Finish

I have finished the salmon head and the background. I am really happy with how it came out and, although it was a push at the end, it came together in less than a year so I really happy with the progress. This was the first time I used black linen and, although it was difficult to see the stitches sometimes, the effect would not have been nearly as nice on a light fabric.

Here are the finished piece without backstitching (close up the head and the whole piece).

 Here is the final piece. I have gotten a black frame for it and will put up a picture once it is framed (and a frame for one of my other finishes).

The Spirit of the Sockeye by the Stitching Studio
Original art by Blaine Billman
32 count black linen (2 over)
16'' x 20''

I love the mix of realism with the shading and the mixed colours and the addition of the Haida designs. 

Now I am gridding the fabric for the HAED piece and for a smaller chart I purchased last weekend (it will give me a break from the huge-ness of a HAED). We get Kingfishers nearby and I love their beautiful colours and the tuffs of feathers on their heads. 

Kingfisher by the Stitching Studio
Original art by Sue Coleman
32 count linen (over 2)
7.0'' x 18.7''

Well I think that is all my news. I will return with a new start and the framed pieces.

Also as an aside from sewing I would like to offer my support and condolences for the LGBT community after the horrors of this weekend.  Our thoughts are with you, your loved ones and the community. 

See everyone next week, 

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  1. Wow! Beautiful work on the sockeye. The black fabric really makes it dramatic, so kudos for sticking with it! The Kingfisher is a lovely pattern. I think it will help keep your sanity while stitching a HAED. :) Good luck on your new starts!