Thursday, 4 August 2016

'Weekly' update

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been updating with any sort of schedule lately so I am going to try to update next Thursday and see how we go. This will give me a chance to work on the Kingfisher this weekend and the Dryad during the week. I finished up the right side of the page for the Kingfisher and will do the left side and the backstitching next. I think it might take longer than a week though since I am loving working on the Dryad right now.

I love the way the reeds have come out on the right and the nice clear line between the blue of the sky and the water. The reflection in the water is made by doing a regular cross stitch and then doing a half stitch in blue over top. The first page of the Dryad is not complete yet but I am working through it. The cross country method is working much better for me and I am really enjoying all the colours coming together. The pink in the corner is hinting at the brightness of the next page.

I am hoping to have a page finish before the end of August and before school starts.

See everyone next Thursday,



  1. Nice progress! Kingfisher looks to be a very intricate piece. I like the detail with the reflection. Dryad is really coming along! Love the shading in those trees. Beautiful work! :)

  2. Testing out my no reply blogger status