Thursday, 21 July 2016

Kingfisher start

Hello Everyone,

I started the Kingfisher two weekends ago and have been enjoying it a lot. It is a very thin piece and I have already reached both borders. So far it is mostly cross stitches and half stitches with quite a bit of backstitching in the kingfisher which I am planning to do as I go instead of at the end. IT is a little hard to see the amount of half stitches done since they are varying colours of blue but the kingfisher is all filled in except for the head which is on the next page. Here the eye and body can be see although the backstitching will add quite a bit of detail.

This week I will get the back stitching finished and try to get all the sky and water on the right ride done. 

I have also put in a few stitches into the Dryad and have switched up how I am going to do it. I didn't love the parking with a 20 x 20 matrix so I am going to try a cross country approach and see if I like that better. So far so good but we will see when more colours are added. So far two colours are done and I will start another tonight. I have also noticed that sometimes people get page lines in their HAEDs so I went and highlighted a zigzag pattern in the edges and hopefully this will take care of the lines.


See everyone next week,


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  1. Lovely progress on Kingfisher! That shading is really delicate. Dryad is looking good too. I also prefer cross country stitching on confetti heavy projects. Seems like less stopping and starting. Good tension can also help reduce page lines, but zigzagging is probably the best way. Happy stitching! :)