Thursday, 7 April 2016

Update on Tiger and Fighter


I have a quick update on the tiger and the fighter. I have finished two corners of the tiger and am moving to the left hand corner now. I finally bobbined all of the floss and it is making me much more likely to stitch this piece. The thread was on a long cardboard piece before and kept getting tangled so the bobbins are much better. I was trying to hold out since I am more than half way through the project but it doesn't take that long to bobbin and makes me much happier.



You can see the outline of the leaves under the tiger's chin. I also finished the sword of the Fighter and forgot to take a picture of the pattern. When I get home I will update the post with a picture.
 I am going to work on the body and shield next and last will work on the head as it has the most colour changes. My plan this week is to keep working on these two with more of a focus on the tiger.

Here is the design map that I am following, I will do some backstitching at the end on the fingers and probably the face.



  1. Your tiger is coming along very well. And your snake man looks pretty cool. :) Looking forward to seeing how he turns out. Great progress on both!

  2. hey you should put a picture of your bobbin organizer! It's cool, and such an easy thing, but who would think of it? have a great day!

  3. Both projects look like fun!